Standard Box Dimensions
​60"H x 24"D x 32"W
​10 YR on plastics, welds and vinyl
Combination locks
Key locks
​Sizing changes
​Standard Drop Boxes
Start at $2200
​Call for details and final pricing


Fabcore Industries Drop Box is made 100% of plastic. This is heavy duty plastic, fully welded and sealed. The benefits of using a heavy duty plastic box are the strength of the 1/2" plastic and welds can endure much more wear and tear then typical 12 gauge steel boxes. Our boxes never corrode or rust. They can handle wind, rain, snow, sun, salt and just about anything thrown at it. Besides being fully plastic welded, we add weather stripping to all door (gate) locations to ensure no water gets into the box.
​Some common uses for our drop boxes with our standard set up, Dry Cleaners, Libraries, Donation Locations, Prescription Drop Offs for Municipal Agencies and Utility Centers.
​Included in our Standard Drop Box is the benefit of advertising your company. We work with you on the artwork for the vinyl wrap that we place on the drop box. Also our standard box comes with a locking latch for bottom door. Finally ALL of our boxes come with a 10 Year Warranty on welds, plastics and vinyl wrap.
​We offer push button combination lock latches for top door (gate). We can build these to any size or configuration if there is a specific need you may have.